(Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs 15-21 Apr, 2019

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Kosarteda Dam to Rescue Chitrakot Waterfall

  • Known as the ‘Niagara of India’ Chitrakot Waterfall on river Indravati in Jagdalpur is facing water shortage during these days and there was no water in the waterfall.  
  • However, nearby Kosarteda Dam came at the rescue of the waterfall as water was diverted to the fall after demand from the local people.
  • Many stop dams and anicuts built are said to be the main factor for the decrease in the water flow.
  • An organization Dandak Dal’  and local people are protesting to save Indravati river and demanding the Govt to take necessary action to have sufficient water in it, when enters in Chhattisarh from Odisha.
Indravati River
1. Origin: Munger Mountains, Kalahandi (Odisha)
2. Confluence: Godavari River near Bhadrakali, Bijapur (CG)
3. It forms Chhattisgarh-Maharashtra borders.
4. Chitrakot Waterfall is the widest waterfall in India
Width= 300 meter (980 feet)
Height= 30 metre (98 feet)

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Tribal Festivals Aamakhayi and Mati Tihar Celebrated

Mati Tihar:

  • Celebrated in Chaitra Month to worship the soil and thank it for the good harvest.
  • On this day, tribals do not take any activities related to the soil like digging, ploughing, etc.
  • Tribals keep paddy seeds inside Palash leaf packet and worship it with Mati Dev (Soil God). The Palash packet is safely kept till sowing.
  • People also play a mud holi on the occasion and abuse each other as part of the tradition.
  • This celebration starts the agricultural activities for the season and also known as ‘Bij Putni’.

Aamakhani or Aamakhayi or Ama Tihar or Amajogani:

  • Celebrated in Bastar Division especially by Dhurwa, Parja and Halba Tribes, celebrate it before mango season.
  • People gather under a mango tree to worship it and dedicate its mango to the God.
  • Only after performing certain rituals and dedicating mango to the tribal God mango is eaten.
  • It is celebrated throughout the month.

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