(National) Current Affairs 1-7 May, 2019

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Netherlands became 3rd largest Source of FDI in India
Biggest Stucco Sculpture Unearthed in Telangana’s Phanigiri
Postage Stamp on 750th Birth Anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desika
Footprints of Mythical Beast Yeti Sighted
FAME-II could reduce Transport Energy Needs by 64%, Emissions by 37% by 2030
Apurvi Chandela Became World Women No. 1 in 10m Air Rifle
Cyclone Fani Hit Odisha and West Bengal
KVIC Distributed 1 lakh Bee-Boxes under the ‘Honey Mission’
GRIHA Council Launched “GRIHA for Existing Day Schools”

Netherlands became 3rd largest Source of FDI in India

  • The Netherlands has emerged as the third largest foreign direct investor in India during 2017-18, with investments pegged at about USD 2.67 billion across sectors.
  • Mauritius and Singapore are the top two countries for FDI in India during 2017-18 with an investment of USD 13.41 billion and USD 9.27 billion respectively.
  • The Netherlands was also the second largest destination for foreign investment by Indian companies, after Singapore, with investments worth $12.8 billion in 2017.

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Biggest Stucco Sculpture Unearthed in Telangana’s Phanigiri

  • Indian archaeologists recently unearthed a life-sized stucco (Plaster) sculpture from a Buddhist site at Phanigiri in Suryapet, Telangana.
  • It represents one of Bhodhisattva in Jataka Chakra.
  • This is the largest stucco sculpture found from India till date and considered to have been built at at peak of Ikshavaku dynasty.
  • Apart from the life-sized stucco, these excavations brought to light a Mahastupa, apsidal chaitya grihas, votive stupas, pillared congregation halls, viharas, platforms with staircases at various levels, sculptural panels with Brahmi inscriptions, belonging to Satavahana period to Ikshuvaka period.
  • Phanigiri lies on the left bank of river Aleru, a tributary of Musi River, once flourished as a Buddhist site during Satvahana and Ikshuvaka periods.

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Postage Stamp on 750th Birth Anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desika

  • In order to commemorate the 750th birth anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desikan, Indian Postal Department has released a postage stamp in New Delhi.
  • Born in 1268 AD, he was Vaishnavite philosopher and one of the most brilliant stalwarts of Vaishnavism in the post-Ramanuja period.
  • The most essential feature of his philosophy is the ‘aspect of inclusion’ which means anyone, irrespective of any caste or creed could join Sri Vaishnava fold.
  • The basis of his spiritual teachings was peace and humanity.

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Footprints of Mythical Beast Yeti Sighted

  • Indian Army on Tuesday claimed that one of its teams spotted mysterious footprints of mythical creature “Yeti” close to Nepal’s Makalu Base Camp.
  • The yeti also known as Abominable Snowman or Asian  Bigfoot, is a giant ape-like creature often figures in South Asian folklore.
  • Makalu is among the highest mountains in the world and stands near the Makalu-Barun valley, a remote wilderness that has also been surveyed by researchers hunting for the Yeti.
  • It was in the 1950s when a British explorer Eric Shipton sighted a series of abnormal footprints while he was looking for an alternate route to climb Mount Everest. Shipton’s finding intensified the interest of the world in this mysterious, elusive creature.

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FAME-II could reduce Transport Energy Needs by 64%, Emissions by 37% by 2030

  • The government’s FAME-II plan for electric mobility stands to reduce 64% of the anticipated road-based energy demand by 2030 and 37% of carbon emissions by then, according to CII.
  • The government had earlier this year notified the second phase of its scheme for the Faster Adoption and Manufacture of (hybrid and) Electric Vehicles in India (FAME India) which sought to boost the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country. The tentative aim is to have 30% electric vehicles by 2030.
  • The FAME Scheme seeks to encourage the faster adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles by offering upfront incentives on the purchase of electric vehicles and by establishing the infrastructure required for the charging of these vehicles.
  • However, with electric vehicle penetration in India currently at just 1%, FAME alone is not enough to reach the 2030 target.

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Apurvi Chandela Became World Women No. 1 in 10m Air Rifle

  • According to the latest rankings released by International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), world cup gold medalist, Apurvi Chandela became the world number one in women’s 10m Air Rifle category.
  • The 26-year old Apurvi Chandela is among the five Indian shooters who have earned the Olympic quota for the Tokyo 2020.
  • Chandela had broken the world record after winning India’s first gold medal at the ISSF World Cup 2019 held in New Delhi.
  • After Chandela, Anjum Moudgil is World No. 2 on ISSF rankings in the 10m Air Rifle category after she won mixed gold at the ISSF World Cup in Beijing.

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Cyclone Fani Hit Odisha and West Bengal

  • Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani hit Odisha and West Bengal. Puri district of Odisha was the most severely hit.
  • It was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the Indian state of Odisha since Phailin in 2013.
  • Fani originated from a tropical depression that formed west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean on 26 April.
  • The India Meteorological Department (IMD) classifies cyclones on the basis of the maximum sustained surface wind speed (MSW) they generate.
    • The cyclones are classified as severe (MSW of 48-63 knots), very severe (MSW of 64-89 knots), extremely severe (MSW of 90-119 knots) and super cyclonic storm (MSW of 120 knots or more). One knot is equal to 1.8 kmph.
    • Generally, extremely severe cyclones hit India’s east coast in the post-monsoon season (October-December).
Tropical Cyclones
1. Favourable conditions for the formation and intensification:
# Large sea surface with temperature higher than 27° C;
# Presence of the Coriolis force;
# Small variations in the vertical wind speed;
# A pre-existing weak low-pressure  area or low-level-cyclonic circulation;
# Upper divergence above the sea level system

2. The energy that intensifies the storm, comes from the condensation process in the towering cumulonimbus clouds

The place where a tropical cyclone crosses the coast is called the ‘landfall’ of the cyclone.
The eye is a region of mostly calm weather at the center of strong tropical cyclones.

It is surrounded by the eyewall, a ring of towering thunderstorms where the most severe weather and highest winds occur.

Cyclone over Arabian Sea Vs Bay of Bengal
Bay of Bengal:
1. Cyclones over Bay of Bengal are either developed over South East region or adjoining Andaman Sea or typhoons of Pacific Ocean moving across South China Sea
2. Frequency of occurrence higher
3. North East Trade Winds intensifies to reach the east coasts

Arabian Sea:
1. Cyclones develops over SE region of the Sea or remnants of that of Bay of Bengal
2. Weakens over land
3. Frequency of migration is low, so is the occurrence
4. Moreover, it is relatively colder and inhibits the formation and intensification of cyclone system.

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KVIC Distributed 1 lakh Bee-Boxes under the ‘Honey Mission’

  • Under the ‘Honey Mission’ initiative, Khadi and Village Industries (KVIC) has distributed more than 1 lakh bee-boxes among farmers.
  • After the implementation of this mission, till date, 246 metric tonnes of honey, amounting over Rs 4 crore, has been extracted through the bee-boxes.
  • In  August 2017, the initiative of ‘Honey Mission’ was launched in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for ‘Sweet Revolution‘ in 2016 while introducing Banas Honey project at Deesa, Gujarat.

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GRIHA Council Launched “GRIHA for Existing Day Schools”

  • GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) Council has launched “GRIHA for Existing Day Schools” in India, to comply with the nation’s vision for a greener and sustainable future.
  • “GRIHA for Existing Day Schools” is a rating device that would be able to assess the environmental performance of the existing schools in India.
  • The integrated rating system also acquaints the school students with the concepts of ‘sustainability’ and ‘greenery’ by involving them in accessing the environmental impact of schools on the environment as a whole.
  • GRIHA Council was founded by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) with an active aid from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and from various environment- sustainability experts across India.
  • The GRIHA Council promotes GRIHA-the National Rating System as an evaluation tool for green buildings and sustainable habitats.

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