gdp per capita

National and Per Capita Income

GDP ≡ Sum total of gross value added of all the firms in the economy GNP ≡ GDP + Net factor income from abroad Model (02) Net factor income from…

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fiscal policy

Fiscal Policy: Budget, Fiscal Deficit, Public Debt

Fiscal policy means the use of taxation and public expenditure by the government for stabilization or growth of the economy. Fiscal policy of India always has two objectives, namely improving the…

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financial relations

Financial Relation between Center and States

Indian Constitution (Art 268- Art 293) has made elaborate provisions for sharing financial resources. Constitution divides the taxing power between Center and the States through Union, States and Concurrent Lists….

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Disaster Management

Definitions of Disaster: Hazard: Possible dangerous situation, occurs due to natural or manmade activity, have the potential to affect life and property Vulnerability: Extent to which life and property can get affected …

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Poverty and Unemployment

Poverty The UN Human Rights Council has defined poverty as “A human condition characterized by the sustained or chronic deprivation of the resources, capabilities, choices, security and power necessary for…

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book list

Reading List | Simplified Syllabus

CGPSC Preliminary Examination Paper I: General Studies, General Knowledge of Chhattisgarh Part 1: General Studies 1. History of India and Indian National Movement. 2. Physical, Social & Economic Geography of…

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Historical background of Indian Constitution

1765 East India Company obtained ‘Diwani’ (revenue and civil rights) and company rule started in India. There were many steps taken to administer and regulate company affairs in India and…

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decimal binary system

Binary-Decimal System

Decimal to Binary System Conversion steps: Divide the number by 2. Get the integer quotient and remainder. Divide the quotient again by 2. Repeat the steps until the quotient is…

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Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization was the first major civilization in South Asia, which spread across a vast area of land in present day India and Pakistan (around 12 lakh The time period…

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