(Chhattisgarh) Current Affairs 8-14 Mar, 2019

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‘Suposhit Janani, Vikasit Dharni’ Drive Launched 

  • Women and child development department launched ‘Suposhit Janani, Vikasit Dharni’ drive in all the districts of Chhattisgarh on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.
  • The initiative aimed at improving nutrition level of pregnant women and new-mothers through different programmes. The fortnight-long drive will conclude on March 22.

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Shantirani Saree Again in Demand

  • Though widely popular for its design and beautiful craftsmanship before the 1980s, gradually the time consuming efforts in making a Shantirani saree followed by no proper market to get actual price demoralized the local weavers. 
  • This form of Kosa saree is becoming popular in Raigarh region.

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Rare Bombay Blood Group Person Found in Dantewada

  • One person from Dantewada was found to be having the rare Bombay Blood Group.
  • In India, there are only 179 persons with Bombay Blood Group.
  • It was first found in Bombay (Mumbai) in India, hence called Bombay blood group.
  • It is also called the HH group. The peculiarity is that they do not express the H antigen. As a result they cannot form A antigens or B antigens on their red blood cells.
  • Thus they can donate blood to anybody with ABO grouping but can receive blood only from Bombay blood group people. 

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