Attorney General

attorney general
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According to the Art 76, Attorney General is the highest law officer in the country


Appointed by the President during his pleasure


As to that of a judge of SC
(including an eminent jurist in the opinion of the President)

Duties and functions:

  • To advise GoI on legal matters and to appear for the GoI in SC and High Courts
  • To discharge other legal duties assigned by the President


  • He has the right to audience in any court
  • He has the right to speak and take part in the proceedings of both the houses (With no voting rights)
  • He enjoys all the privileges and immunities available to an MP
  • He is not a full time counsel for the Govt and does not fall under the category of govt servant.
  • He is not debarred from private legal practice.
  • However, in case of defending accused in criminal prosecution, he is not allowed without prior permission.  

Solicitor General(s) of India:
To assist Attorney General, but there is no mention of them in the Constitution.

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