Biology (Video Chapters)

biology cgpsc
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Transport of mineral and water in plants and animals (in context of human being). structure and function of blood

Structure and working of heart (preliminary knowledge)  


Definition, main steps of the process. Light reaction and dark reaction.


Definition, breathing and respiration, Types of respiration, Aerobic and anaerobic respiration, respiratory organs of animals

Respiratory system of human being and mechanism of respiration (general information)

Animal Nutrition

Human digestive system and digestive process (general information)

Control and Coordination

Nervous system of human being. Structure and function of human Brain and spinal cord

Coordination in plants and animals: phyto-hormones, endocrine glands hormone and their function.

Reproduction and Growth

Types of reproduction

Asexual reproduction: fission, budding, regeneration,vegetative reproduction, layering, cutting, grafting, Porthenogenesis,

Sexual reproduction in plants: structure of flower and reproduction process (general information), pollination fertilization.

Human reproductive system and reproduction process (general information)

Heredity and Evolution

Heredity and variation, Fundamental basis of heredity chromosome and DNA (preliminary information)

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