Free CGPSC Pre 2020 Test Series (Schedule: 12 Mock Tests + Many Practice Tests)

CGPSC Pre Test Series 2020
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CG Competition Point is soon going to launch an Online Test Series (Free) for the aspirants of CGPSC Pre 2020 for Paper-1 (General Studies). Only registered users will be allowed to access and attempt the tests. Meanwhile you may prepare yourself well, before it is being launched. * It would be free when registered before 16 Dec 2020.

You may try demo/test from the last year’s Test Series!

Test Series Schedule

Total Tests: 12 (6 Subject-wise and 6 Full-length)

Test No.Syllabus TopicsCoverageTotal QuesTest Date
Test 1 1. History of India and Indian National Movement
2. History of Chhattisgarh & Contribution of Chhattisgarh in Freedom Movement
Subject-Wise50Dec 06, 2020
Test 21. Physical, Social & Economic Geography of India
2. Geography, Climate, Physical status, Census, Archeological & Tourist Centers of Chhattisgarh
Subject-Wise50Dec 09, 2020
Test 31. Constitution of India & Polity
2. Administrative Structure,
Local Government & Panchayati Raj of Chhattisgarh
Subject-Wise50Dec 13, 2020
Test 41. Indian Economy
2. Economy and Agriculture of Chhattisgarh
3. Industry in Chhattisgarh,
Energy, Water and Mineral Resource of Chhattisgarh
Subject-Wise50Dec 18, 2020
Test 5 1. General Science & Technology
2. Environment
3. Forest of Chhattisgarh
Subject-Wise50Dec 24, 2020
Test 61. Indian Philosophy, Art, Literature & Culture
2. Literature, Music, Dance, Art
& Culture, Idioms and Proverbs, Puzzle/riddle (Janula), Singing (Haanaa) of Chhattisgarh
3. Tribes, Special Traditions, Teej an Festivals of Chhattisgarh
Subject-Wise50Dec 27, 2020
Test 7Complete SyllabusFull Length100Jan 03, 2021
Test 8Complete SyllabusFull Length100Jan 10, 2020
Test 9Complete SyllabusFull Length100Jan 17, 2021
Test 10 Complete SyllabusFull Length100Feb 04, 2021
Test 11Complete SyllabusFull Length100Feb 07, 2021
Test 12 Complete SyllabusFull Length100Feb 10, 2021

Note: Current affairs (including that of Chhattisgarh) and sports will be covered in every subject-wise tests and full length tests as well.

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