(CGPSC Pre 2019 Test Series) Test-6

test series- 6
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Hello aspirants!

Test-6 under CGPSC Pre 2019 Test Series is live now. See the complete Schedule.


  1. Indian Philosophy, Art, Literature & Culture
  2. Literature, Music, Dance, Art and Culture, Idioms and Proverbs,
    Puzzle/riddle (Janula), Singing (Haanaa) of Chhattisgarh
  3. Tribes, Special Traditions, Teej and Festivals of Chhattisgarh

Please share your marks and remember to go through the explanations. In case you have something to be asked or discussed, use comments section. We wish you all the best!

Steps Required:
1. Click Start quiz button and solve questions.

2. Click Quiz-summary button to view questions answered and review.

3. Click Finish quiz button to get the result.

4. Click View questions button to find the correct answers and explanations.

5. To compare your performance with fellow aspirants, click Show leaderboard button.

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