Election and Election Commission

Part XV Art 324- 329 deals with elections. Art 324 provides for an independent Election Commission for the free and fair election. It vests power of superintendence, direction and control…

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Tribunals and Administrative Tribunals

42nd Amendment added a new part XIVA to the Constitution for Tribunals: Administrative Tribunals (Art 323A) and Tribunals for other purpose (Art 323B)  Administrative Tribunals: Parliament may provide for the…

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Services under Union and State

Public Services (Art 308- 314):Constitution empowers the Parliament (States for State Services) to regulate the recruitment and conditions of service (including reasonable restrictions on the Fundamental Rights) (Art 309) They…

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Relations between the Union and the States

The Constitution of India, being federal in structure, in Part XI divides powers- legislative, administrative, financial- between the Centre and the States. (Cooperative Federalism)The Centre- State relations can be divided…

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high court

High Courts & Subordinate Courts, Advocate General

Art 214-231 covers High Courts (HCs). Constitution provides for a HC in each state, also allowed for a common HC. Presently there are 24 HCs, their territorial jurisdiction is co-terminus…

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attorney general

Attorney General

According to the Art 76, Attorney General is the highest law officer in the country Appointment: Appointed by the President during his pleasure Qualifications: As to that of a judge…

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supreme court

Supreme Court

Judiciary (SC and HCs): India has an integrated judicial system with SC at the top and HCs below it under which there are subordinate courts. Supreme Court is the federal…

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Judicial Review & Judicial Activism

Judicial Review Power of Supreme Court to examine the constitutionality of a legislative and executive order.  Though the phrase nowhere finds mention in the constitution, many articles explicitly mandate the…

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Right to Constitutional Remedies (Writs)

Right to Constitutional Remedies (Art 32): Heart and Soul of Constitution An effective mechanism for enforcement of Fundamental Rights  It gives the right to move to Supreme Court (or High…

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(Practice Quiz) CG PSC 2011 Pre (GS Questions)

Attempt this quiz containing questions from CGPSC Prelims 2011 Paper (only General Studies Questions.)

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